Noted is a little shared adventure put together by a cluster of creatives; a personal labour of love. A collective that jointly includes people who have undertaken roles as diverse as an Editor-In-Chief of the glossy magazine Wound or the Head of Retail at Pringle of Scotland; a creative writer for an international travel brand or an established curator of contemporary art; Head of Sales & Marketing at Ports 1961 in NYC or the Editorial Director of Project Magazine.

Between them, this little band that have a new toy profiling fashion, art, design, travel and, well, anything that’s just interesting, have worked on some of the world’s most innovative magazine titles and inside vaunted fashion industry brands; made notable exhibitions in some of the world’s most respected art institutions and with some of contemporary art’s biggest talents or created successful campaigns. Yes, they certainly do commercial work, but this is a sideline of a personal nature, the R&R possibility in which there is no client except themselves.

Our editorial policy is eclectic and perhaps even a bit old-fashioned. We cover places, people and notable design and culture. We’ll do so in a way that is about about the present tense rather than the immediate gratification of a theoretical future. We’ll leave it to others to flash up their snapshots, hot from the catwalk shows. Because we think that you probably aren’t really planning your wardrobe two seasons ahead. Are you really going to buy something that is a forgotten memory by the time it’s in stock? We’ll cover design and architecture that’s a good few years old already along with the spanking new. Because, if it was good when it was created, it’s still good. And well cover classic places along with this season’s place du jour. Because Rome is an eternal city. Because style never goes out of fashion. And because a great hotel or bar is never neglected except by fad-addicted people whose passing on to somewhere newer is rather a blessing.

Eschewing the inconvenience of an app that has to be downloaded or a bulky print mag to lug around, we’ve opted for a blog format you can access anywhere, on any device. So you can join us on the journey if you’re interested in what we’ve duly noted.


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