Sansovino 6 is a cult Italian brand that has been producing stylish collections for men and women for quite some time. This summer offers something special for both sexes. But the ladies are in for some particularly fine offerings.

Under the title of ‘Weightless’, the main summer collection continues the masterly line of exploration that one of the world’s best knitwear designers, Edward Buchan, unveils each season, seemingly effortlessly. His unique touch is always played out in swirling forms and elegant silhouettes that, in the ‘Weightless’ SS17 collection, use a traditional construction to the garments at their core, but make use of unexpected drapage and quirky slashes to dramatic — and cooling— effect.

Detailing in the sumptuous fabrics — jacquards, intarsias and daishikis— plays out in a fairly neutral, earthy palette: greys, black, creams, browns and the softest of pinks. And there are the occasional notions of traditional ethnic clothing that come through in the patterns, borders or the kaftan-like roomy hang of the garment. It’s something of a signature for Buchan and perhaps even more relevant with the brand’s current reminder that, “We are all migrants.”

It’s something of a personal point for Ohio-born Buchan who arrived in Italy for a stint at Bottega Veneta in the mid-1990s and stayed on. But it also feels like an apt reminder from the world of luxury fashion in a country that has been beset by division in response to the migrant and refugee crisis. As Sansovino 6’s splash page seems to remind us, you never know what great talent benefitting a local economy might arrive on the next desperate boat.


Sansovino 6 – SS17 ‘Weightless’ womenswear collection

In this particular womenswear collection Buchan conjures up many associations. There are feelgood moments of a beautiful dress that a young Gladys Knight might have worn on stage or at the after party. But there is equally a flicker of the dropped waist and masculine, oversized cardigan dresses that a young Coco Chanel whipped up at the bleak French coast during World War I. And, as always, Buchan leaves a lasting impression that evokes classic Italian styling. All, however, are united in their use of luxurious tactile fabrics.

Edward Buchan remains one of the world’s best knitwear designers and one who remains oddly under the radar, least of all in his country of origin. But this “failure” to rise to social media celebrity prominence through our pervasive cult of the personality has nothing to do with not being outspoken. With their #CHECKYOURNECK and related campaigns aligned to many agendas calling for an end inequality, Sansovino 6 is an unusual beast: undeniably a desirable luxury fashion brand and one where the political engagement feels authentic, evidenced by many years — and exquisite collections— where they’ve walked the walk even if you haven’t heard them talk the talk.

The designer behind Sansovino 6: Edward Buchan.

So this summer, even if your most challenging migration is to work out which beach you’re heading for, why not pat yourself on your perfectly revealed back with a garment by Sansovino 6 you probably don’t deserve anyway. At least you’ll be showing off a brand that deserves a standing ovation.

Sansovino 6’s collections are stocked in top boutiques across Europe, where those who have been smart enough to learn of its discreet charm can pick out the perfect conversation pieces that will last and last.

checkyourneck01-crop-u92397-1One of the three scarves from the Sansovino 6 #CHECKYOURNECK campaign.

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