Holiday Heels

medium-1ATP Atelier – Carmen – cork and black suede.


ATP Atelier spin a cracking yarn. Learning how their brand came into being, it sounds like a feel-good ending to a tale of two friends who lost touch and were then reunited by chance. It’s obviously a stylish story unfolding in various evocative locations, starting in the 1980s at the cult Swedish fashion brand Gul & Blå, delivering the denouement in a picturesque medieval coastal town in Puglia before living happily ever after back in Stockholm.  Come to think of it, someone should turn it into a film. And we know who would design the costumes. Or the footwear at least.

Jonas Clason adn Maj-Le Pizzelli are the two friends in question and it was their summer sojourn to the picturesque cliff-clinging town of Otranto, families and friends in tow, that sparked the idea for ATP Atelier. In a nearby beachside town, where they stumbled across a local artisan shoemaker, grateful for his craft that provided the perfect summer sandals for one and all, they hatched the idea to, literally, get into shoes.

mediumATP Atelier – Rosa – grey python leather and leather sole.


For a relatively young brand ATP Atelier has gone from strength to strength and their now expanded collections of shoes, sandals, boots and bags made by artisan producers in Italy can be found in discerning boutiques around the world as well as online.

But at this time of year it seems only fitting that you should take some inspiration from ATP Atelier’s own story and look to their sandals.

Put a serpentine glide into your stride with their Rosa design in python leather while exploring during the day with a multi-purpose sandal that is most definitely elegant enough to fulfil the demands of eveningwear. Or you could slip into their elegant Felicia mid-height mules for a dinner somewhere elegant without compromising on comfort. Ditto if you prefer a bit of ankle support: try the Carmen with is cushioning heel of cork.

You’ll take your holiday home on your feet. Because you know that any comfortable shoes that look this good are not something you’ll discard like that beachwear faux pas purchased in haste when you forgot to pack the right things. And like their brand, they are really for All Tomorrow’s Parties. Yep, that’s why it’s “ATP”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 16.21.50

ATP Atelier – Felicia – black vacchetta.

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