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Matt & Nat – Martel Messenger – canvas collection. Adjustable shoulder strap. Front flap with snap and velcro closure. Fits a 13″ laptop.

Long gone are the days when “vegan” and “style” were mutually exclusive terms. And nothing proves it better than Matt & Nat‘s selection of bags, luggage and smaller items available for the discerning traveller—or commuter—who also doesn’t like the politics of leather.

Born in Montreal in the 1990s, Matt & Nat—no, they aren’t the guys who make this stuff, it’s a reference to “materials and nature” apparently— remain committed to producing high quality bags and accessories that don’t deploy animal products. And, ever since then, they’ve gained a lot of experience and become very good at it.

In addition to their commitment to producing vegan accessories and products, they are equally keen on sustainability and ethical production. For example, they use PU for their bags rather than PVC because it has less impact on the environment and the linings of their bags are produced from recycled plastic bottles. Or they look to other sustainable materials such as cork and rubber—even recycled tyres. They also believe in transparency in the conditions in which their bags are produced in factories that operate by the SA8000 standard, ensuring quality work conditions for all.

So, as that time comes around once again when you remember that you really need to get new luggage for this year’s holiday and not make do with that old thing that you’ve worn to tatters, look to Mat & Nat.

Their nifty Zam weekender bag is definitely a good investment. Its handsome boxy style is big enough to take all you’ll need for a summer break and can be worn cross-body with and adjustable and removable strap. But it can also be completely unzipped to become a garment bag. Better still, zip the smart jacket you want for more formal holiday moments into the internal garment bag and it will literally wrap around you baggage, avoiding the kinds of creases caused by folding. A handy item indeed if you’re also a frequent business traveller.

Mat & Nat’s large offer also includes plenty of ideal smaller bags for all that stuff you’ll need checking in, in-flight and when exploring your destination, from courier-style models to backpacks and minimalist unisex totes.

Mat & Nat produce extensive reasonably priced premium ranges for men and women that are available online and in select stores in Canada, the United States, the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia.

Matt & Nat – Zam Weekender – canvas collection. 3 pouch pockets and incorporated garment bag.

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