Bon chance, Rafke.


Okay, so actually it has nothing to do with fashion. So bored with the prolonged gossip. Go figure. Peripherally maybe, about hoping another human being  might be happy doing something at which he excels.

As a related practitioner who appreciates and respects what this man offers from the position of observation, as a commentator on the artistic practice of others, I can’t wish for anything other than fulfillment. If I’m being honest (how rare), I care far less about the industry deliverables than what Raf has already, discreetly contributed to relevant discussions about contemporary art.

So shoot me – though I don’t for one minute underrate what Raf  brings to the top level of the fashion world– if I experience a certain anxiety about what it might mean about his availability to contribute to contemporary art discourse.

Nonetheless, bon chance,  Raf Simons. Perhaps you will change the world. You already have before and if you can do it again in these these challenging times, you should know that there are many who will stand behind you. Many people believe in you. But, the art world could benefit from you staying involved and we look forward to you curatorial engagement as much as your fashion leadership.


One of Sterling Ruby and Raf Simons’ many collaborations.( 2012)



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