Bunny Girl


MCM Rabbit iPhone Case


What is it about mobile technology that seems to insist that we dress it? Sure, practicality demands that you need something to protect it from the unknown dangers of an overstuffed bag; sharp edges that scratch delicate screens or liquid danger when some moisturiser bottle cap flips open. But it does go beyond that. Women, or rather the brands that produce accessories for women, seem hell-bent on turning every new tech device into a piece of jewellery or substitute for a childhood dolly that can be dressed in different outfits.

If that’s your thing, there are plenty of options on the market. And, if it’s not and your personal style is strictly utilitarian, there are equally enough industrial, unisex accessories out there to protect your trusty iPhone or tablet. But what about if you’re undecided? If you like the frivolities of fashion but don’t want to be too serious about it? Well, then perhaps MCM’s Rabbit range is for you. It certainly has a fashion pedigree and it’s fun, though the appearance of their rabbit is decidedly not cute. Jarring against the monogrammed surface, it’s more like something out of creepy Grimm’s Fairy Tales or a folkloric toy reinvented by a contemporary artist. This makes a kind of cohesive sense since MCM offer a full range of fetching bags and accessories designed by renowned artist Tobias Rehberger.

Today Munich may not be the first place you associate with luxury fashion, though anyone who has visited will verify that the city has no shortage of upmarket shopping opportunities. Local MCM sprang into life in the 1970s when Munich was one of the undisputed capitals of cool. Shaking their booties to the likes of Giorgio Moroder’s disco anthems, the rich and the famous flocked to Munich, Europe’s undisputed epicentre of glamourous and decadent nightlife.

MCM saw a timely opportunity to launch itself as an instant ‘heritage’ brand. Born out of one of the founder’s observations of how guests arriving at a top Munich hotel were treated dependent on their luggage, he saw a gap in the market. And, yes, though they may never admit it, you can tell instantly which famed maker of baggage and trunks afforded guests the best treatment based on what MCM launched. MCM’s suitcases in the highest quality leather and manufactured by top German craftsmen featured their signature Visetos monogram, gold detailing and a polished brass plate engraved with a unique number or the owner’s initials.

In an act of retail genius that proves that concept stores are nothing new, MCM, Modern Creation Munich, launched its objects of desire in a glass tank in Modern Coiffure Munich, a glitzy hair salon and cocktail bar where the chic set came to gossip over a martini and blow dry. And leave with fetching luggage.

As with other manufacturers of high-end leather goods and luggage, MCM has since branched out into producing accessories for almost every occasion or function, from housing tech toys to jewellery. A number of items now feature the MCM Bunny. Once just another high-end leather mascot accessory produced by the company, the MCM Bunny broke from the pack when he became the “personality” at the centre of a very successful viral social media campaign. And since he’s an Instagram star in his own right, it’s no wonder the MCM have chosen bunny to lead their current assault on the millennials market. He was even handed over to trendy tattooist for a makeover in one of MCM’s collaborative projects with street artists.


MCM Rabbit Zip Pouch

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