Flip not Flop


Heading for the Summer Olympics in Rio? With its famed beaches and samba-ridden promenades, chances are you aren’t going to spend all your time in a stadium. So when it comes to footwear that effortlessly slips from beach to bar and still won’t challenge your baggage allowance on the way home, look to the Brazilian brand that really can turn you into the girl from Ipanema.

Sure, everybody loves the practicality of a flip flop, especially on holiday somewhere hot and sunny. But there is a reason that there are elegant bar terraces from Marbella to Mauritius, Bahia to Brisbane that still don’t allow flip flops. Maybe the “sandal with a toe handle” is a victim of snobbery, guilty by association with who favours them rather than on its own merits or failures. But we’d be lying if we pretended they hadn’t been considered a fashion faux pas by sophisticates for decades. Then Ipanema took the flop out of the flip flop.

Today the acceptable face of flip flop design, especially in climate zones where they really do make sense, Ipanema’s rise has had as much to do with its corporate responsibility as its practical, colourful designs. Its flip flops are made from 100% recyclable materials and are all produced in their home country, offering employment to locals.

Their latest collaboration leaves the world in no doubt about their design credibility. Ipanema have commissioned French design legend Philippe Starck to produce a special Starck range for them. Consisting of four basic styles in a plethora of colour combinations, the range offers an elegant minimalist retake on the classic flip flop as well as contemporary versions of Greek sandals. What could be more apt for the Olympics?

Made from 100% recyclable plastic, you can dispose of these flip flops when you’re done, feeling neither fashion nor environmental guilt.


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