Martin Logan is one of those cult specialist companies that get sound geeks excited. Set up in the 1970s by two guys who shared a passion for high-quality sound, its base in Lawrence, Kansas has been home to successive developments in high-end speaker and headphone technology ever since. Its portable headphones are no less impressive. And, they are most definitely stylish to boot.

Their Mikros 90 headphones make use of the same electrostatic technology that earned the company the undying admiration of serious audio freaks and its sound is second to none. Furthermore, with its vaguely retro, minimalist styling, the Mikros 90 is a very handsome boy indeed and one that won’t leave the more conservative feeling too conspicuous.

The luxury of black leather dominates in everything from the on-ear pads to the main cover on the headset; the polished aluminium rounds it all off perfectly. With its own stylish case for safe travel, the ear pad pivots mean that it packs fairly flat, ideal for stashing a way in your cabin bag. It also features an Apple-approved in-line remote and microphone that enables effortless control and the ability to take calls on your iPhone without even reaching for your pocket.

Quite aside from all the style points it scores, its 92% noise isolating score means that it delivers its perfect sound in a way that means you don’t have to crank up the volume to shut out the outside world, which is good for your eardrums.



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