Rainbow Time


Pride by Titan Black

Those who believe that gay men have genetically-determined good taste should spend a little more time on gay dating sites. Look over the naked man’s shoulder and tell me those approaches to décor are always worthy of the world’s top interior magazines…

Nonetheless, even if empiricism teaches us that gay men are for more statistically likely to conform to demographic normative cohorts than many like to believe – “I don’t wanna be equal. I want to be special!”– then here is a little beauty that any queen, dyke or closet case can be proud of. Hell, it’s so tasteful you aspirant metrosexuals and gay-friendly straights will probably scratch each other’s eyes out to get one.

It’s brainchild of Titan Black, the company that makes Rolex even more special than it already is by pushing it to the limits; technologically, in terms of design and, dare we say it, even more so on the style front. It does this by customising those unquestionable horological objects of desire, making them even more exclusive than they already are. But, this is a significant move in the world of hedging-your-bets caution that pervades the luxury watch industry. It is the world’s first gay luxury watch – so sue me if you think you can trump me on the historiography of this one, Beulah. You Oxbridge queens always want a fight…

Luke Waite, Founder and MD of Titan Black, explained: “We are thrilled to launch the Milgauss Pride by Titan as the first design of our Make It Your Own range. This understated design demonstrates how the subtle details on a watch, like the MAB II finish and the fun Pantone range on the text of the dial conspire to create a piece that is especially elegant, but can also be used as a canvas to create your own personal design – something to proudly call your own”.

Made to order, the unisex Pride by Titan Black design offers every single one of those bamboozling techy things that you want from a Rolex. It also offers a lot more: exclusive style that’s even more of a minority group than your sexual orientation and the proof that not all luxury brands are as homophobic as a Hollywood studio’s secret contract with the stars who’ll probably out themselves with one of these hunks on their wrist.

We did mention that they are a VERY limited addition…? So time to ditch those Judy stilettos (or drag king steel-toed work boots) and get a move on. To quote Titan Black themselves, this watch is, “Somewhere over the rainbow…”


Pride by Titan Black

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