Ohema Ohene Nana Hot Star Hi-Top


With even high-street stores offering matching shirts and trousers in bright, brazen African-inspired prints this summer, the trend that has been bubbling under for a few years on the catwalks seems to have gone mainstream. You, however, can head straight for the source.

Ohema Ohene is the moniker that British-born designer Abenaa Pokuaa uses for her cult brand of boutique fashion that combines classic British streetwear with a West African twist. The name itself means “Queen and King” in the Ghanaian language of Twi.

After completing her studies at the London College of Fashion, Abenaa worked in the industry, applying her specialism in textiles and materials. With experience of working in the Far East as a designer and her own Ghanaian roots, it didn’t take long before the business-smart Abenaa recognised that multicultural markets – such as London or Paris– were crying out for a vision that combines trendy Northern Hemisphere fashion with a strong sense of diverse cultural identities. Abenaa Pokuaa’s instinct that many trendy young Europeans are eager for a fashion concept that acknowledges the multicultural experience has proved a winning one with a staunch band of fans.

Although Ohema Ohene offers full collections for both men and women, it’s its striking footwear that has proved particularly popular and gained the most attention from stylists. It’s easy to see why. Based on a clever combination of traditional African textiles – such as the use of the distinctive Kente prints – and simple design innovation playing with the language of street culture, it’s the perfect way to put a little Afro-centric swagger into your street style with an interplay between hip-hop form and the colourful street culture of African cities.

A number of the high-top styles feature contrast tops that are reversible and removable, allowing for optimum versatility. They also come with a natty shoe bag.

In addition to successful online retail, Ohema Ohene is stocked in a handful of trendy boutiques around the world. And if you thought you saw some high-profile hip-hopsters wearing them, yep, you probably did. It may be a cult flavour, but some big players on the international music circuit have already acquired the taste for it.


Ohema Ohene Spider Web Print Hi-Top





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