Alexander McQueen, SS16

From pointy pixie boots to stealth kitten heels, strappy spiked heels to clumpy sandals, cowgirl yee-haw or ethnic folk cool, women’s footwear trends for SS16 elaborate an eclectic range of styles. Seldom have this many disparate footwear looks been deemed as ‘fashionable’.

Just as well, ladies. One of the most common causes of painful tendinitis in women is proven to be the misguided holiday adoption of flat shoes. In simplistic terms, if you spend your life tottering about on heels -even modest ones- you risk inducing a painful strain on your pedal tendons when you wrongly assume that flat shoes are going to serve you better at lweisure. Whether traipsing around exhilarating ruins, breathing up that country air on uncharacteristically long walks or pounding the pavement for unbelievable shopping bargains in foreign climes, the truth is that a supposedly sensible, flat shoe may just not be you friend.

Better then to opt for something that brings comfort without forcing your delicate connective tissues into an unfamiliar position. Luckily, SS16 leaves you spoilt for choice with shoes that combine a certain stylish poise with podiatry sense. And no one need know that you’re one step short of forever slipping into Birkenstocks or getting your loyalty card at Scholl. This season, there are a lot of looks that purport to being the height of fashion while never placing you at risk of screaming pain that will send your supposedly relaxing holiday into a spiral of recrimination and blame. All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled and your heels elevated in sling-back sneakers or steam-punk wedgies.

Which would you prefer, bleating in pain in your hotel room, or strutting your stuff along the promenade after bitch-slapping those iconic sights all day? Keep those heels slightly up and your spirit will follow.

SS16, left to right: Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Versace

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