Sip ‘n Tuck

5 Hip Flasks


Occasionally life calls for booze, even on the move. God knows, summer holiday travel can drive anyone to drink. An amazing view or a remote spot of rare beauty might demand a toast. Or sometimes only a nip of the strong stuff can keep a holiday tantrum at bay. Here’s 5 hip ways to make your preferred tipple more mobile.

1.Tom Cecil Numbered Hip Flask

The ultimate in exclusive contemporary design, the hip flasks by vaunted British furniture and product designer Tom Cecil each come with their own individual stamped design number. These slick wedged-shaped lovelies come in a number of different series ranging from the more familiar polished stainless steel and models in high-gloss paint finishes of differing colours to the vaguely steam punk stylings of the plucky brass-plated individuals. With a capacity of only approximately 50ml these are clearly for those who rate high design values over hard drinking. Made from hand-welded sheets of flat stainless steel, they are exactly the kind of high-end designs that emphasise craft – which explains their appearance in compatible upmarket retailers such as the Conran Store. Needless to say that if you want this much fashionable exclusivity and loving individual manufacturing, don’t expect it to come cheap.


2. Royal Selangor Erik Magnussen Flask

If you’re the discerning type who’s up for combining a bit of modernity with a noble history, then Royal Selangor is a good place to start; a heritage pewtersmithing concern that dates back to the 1880s. Today this Singaporean success is one of the world’s most highly regarded and was even commissioned by LVMH to produce champagne accessories for Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Dom Perignon and Krug. For a flask that is durable, luxurious and will remain timelessly distinctive, this is the place to look. The company actually produces a range of hip flask designs. Although some tend towards the conservative, contrary to what you might expect with such a heritage brand, stark contemporary lines and a commitment to modernity are driving forces. Who wouldn’t be proud to pluck a hip flask by award-winning pewter designer Erik Magnussen from a pocket?


3. Giorgio Hip Flask

Phillipi, the upmarket German gift and business accoutrements outlet offers this dapper little number they commissioned by FLIP Design. A contemporary reworking of the classic, the Giorgio Hip Flask offers a number of the traditional gentlemen’s hip flask features: the leather covering that proves practical when grasping it in freezing conditions through gloves and a swivel bracketed fastener which, let face it, was an innovation developed to stop hunters losing the cap in the forest when already drunk and still armed with a shotgun or rifle. Still, would you like to be searching for a fumbled cap on your hands and knees in a crowded holiday-season airport terminal? Here the polished stainless steel flask with an ergonomically rounded bottom suited to pocket travel is covered in a soft casing of luxuriant black lamb leather. A gentleman’s best friend in all weather.


4. Green Mountain Copper Hip Flask

If your style is more rugged, cut a less dashing figure with this copper beauty. Utilitarian in the extreme, this copper flask takes its name from Vermont’s Green Mountains. Generally sold by places that patriotically declaim that it is entirely handcrafted by American workers, it practically comes with a Hillbilly pedigree. Its larger size demands a man who can hold his liquor. With an actual cork permanently chained to it, it’s basically the low-tech solution to the age-old problem of drunk woodsmen. But, if you’re headed somewhere remote and manly when those travel woes strike, at least the locals aren’t going to have you down as some effete city slicker, meaning that you’ll be less worried about your getaway turning into a remake of ‘Deliverance’. What’s more, it’s copper: it’s practically drinking straight from the still. So you don’t need to worry about all that expensive, highfalutin stuff; any old moonshine will do.


5. Lip Flask

A little something for the lady? Now here’s an item for women who like a tipple on the move but don’t fancy looking like a female trucker. Mustard Gift’s Lip Flask is pretty self-explanatory. But, unlike the other lippies in your handbag, this one’s big enough to find easily. In fact, with a capacity of 4 fluid oz., it’s not exactly a ‘little’ something and is on the heftier side for travel flasks. So gentlemen should also take note. Think about it. It’s the ideal gift for wife or girlfriend. With enough capacity for both of you to get mildly sloshed while you sit out a delayed flight, she’s going to be the one that gets the disapproving looks. You just shrug your shoulders, give a weak smile to onlookers and soak up the sympathy.



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