Boxed In


Nomess Balsabox Personal – mini

For millions who live in cities where space is at a premium, decorating can be a trade-off between style, lifestyle and space. Trying to maintain a breezy minimalism in poky London, New York or Paris apartments can be a nightmare.
Unless you’re one of those who believe that ‘more is more’ and don’t mind clambering over an armchair to get to your chest of drawers to spend ages rifling through your bric-a-brac to find what you’re after, urban living in limited space can be a set of tough decisions. Do you sacrifice a good work desk in lieu of a dressing table?
Men may find this an absurd question. But ask any woman to explain the intrinsic dilemma. Better still, ask any man who has shared a small apartment with a lady to explain it to you. Trust me, he will have had the challenges pointed out in no uncertain terms.
And that’s where Danish design company Nomess could come to the rescue. It produces a range of furniture and storage solutions that come in very handy for compact living, even though their design philosophy is primarily based in manufacturing aesthetically pleasing storage solutions rather than specifically designing for cramped living spaces. 
Despite the questionable name, Nomess (there’s no mess, geddit?) produces elegant furniture and objects that are all in the design language of simplicity that we associate with the canon of good Danish design. Their catalogue offers something for practically every room of the home and, indeed, a few items for when you are away from home. Clothes rails and tables supported on simple wooden trestles, natty systems in acrylic for organising the bathroom and streamlined wall-mounted  hanging systems for kitchens and hallways can all be found in their range of products.
One of their most useful lines is their Balsabox Personal range. Doing literally what it says on the box, the Balsabox is a neatly designed portable personal vanity made from balsa wood –which makes it very light– in a range of colour options and sizes.  It’s the perfect mobile make-up and grooming station. A series of trays designed to fit together makes it easy for you to organise your stuff as well as hold the mirror steadily in place. Once you’ve finished making yourself beautiful, simply replace the mirror-cum-lid and store it all away.  An ideal solution if you don’t want to sacrifice your grooming ritual but don’t really have the space to allocate to it exclusively.
Nomess – Balsaboxmini Personal – Large

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