Mo&Co Edition 10 Spring 2016 collection

Guangzhou is a name that most of us outside of Asia hadn’t even heard of fifteen years ago. And when we did start hearing about it in tales of China’s free market miracle, we didn’t realise that this was the romanticised city of old; Canton. Even when we learnt more and more of how Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, was building industry, offices and housing on a scale unimaginable in the West, we didn’t hear about Mo&Co. But we have now, and chances are we will be hearing more and more about it in coming years.

Just over a decade ago, Jenny Kam, the founder and creative director launched her brand from the unlikely fashion powerhouse of Guangzhou. Today the company employs in excess of 2000 people in its factories alone and has over 500 stores selling mid-price clothing to the massive Chinese market, all directed from an impressive headquarters located in the rather surreal environment of one of the city’s ready-made creative industries hubs. Now the time has come to let the rest of the world meet Mo&Co. Shops are opening abroad and stockists in the West are eager to profile China’s high-street fashion sensation.
The company’s main line is characterised by practical and playful clothes cutting a dapper sway with influences from pop culture and street wear. Bright colours and slogans abound and although there is something youthful and casual about it all, it’s nonetheless sensible clothing for a younger generation that likes a bit of boho chic mixed in with hipster, among other influences. Jenny Kam herself has described it as “tomboyish but feminine”.
Mo&Co also have their Edition 10 line. This capsule premium line is more directional, in touch with the trends of Paris or Milan and, as the name suggests, more in keeping with design that has reached maturity after celebrating the anniversary of ten skyrocketing years. Still fairly eclectic and built on the foundations of adaptable basics, there’s a lot in the SS16 Edition 10 collection to covet. Closer inspection reveals that excellent value-for-money will bring the additional reward of those items that become ‘Old Reliable’ garments you can mix and match to high-impact effect for seasons to come.
 Mo&Co Edition 10 Spring 2016 collection

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