Force Yourself


J.W. Anderson tie-dye cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Gentlemen, now you can clothe your inner geek without shame.

Launched in 2014, Star Wars: Force for Change is a charity programme run by Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company that has raised millions of dollars for good causes. Working closely with UNICEF, it has used a broad range of Star Wars-themed events and initiatives to clock financial support for various UNICEF programmes ranging from a food programme for children in Haiti to UNICEF’s Kid Power initiative that – well, there’s no polite way to say this- gets First World kids of their little asses to do something about Third World kids and their skinny little asses.

Solving two very different problems in one go, the scheme occasionally seems rather surreal. Let’s face it, part of the pitch is not unlike getting kids in rich countries to see their counterparts in poor countries as human tamagotchis. Okay, okay, so before all you sensitive souls club me to death, I didn’t say that there was anything wrong with the programme. If anything, it’s admirable genius lies in a solid understanding of child psychology and, of course, what it’s trying to achieve -and succeeding in many ways- is real engagement that goes way beyond the rather disconnected handouts of traditional programmes.

So, you know that Star Wars: Force for Change is all about doing good stuff. Now, while there are bound to be some out there who really will pay good money to attend a Star Wars premiere or appear fleetingly in a Star Wars movie -two of the ways the charity has raised funds- our purpose here is to address the redeemable, those who really can prove that they are ready to move on and enter the world of sophisticated urbanites. Now, while we will require that you pack aware you Star Wars figurines when your grown-up lady friend comes over to visit, there’s also good news, lads: you won’t have to abandon Star Wars completely.

One of the best things to come out of Star Wars: Force for Change is that they have merchandise. And not just any old merchandise. Their best move has been to get some of the world’s hippest fashion designers to produce stunning t-shirts and sweatshirts. In a partnership that makes these available exclusively through Selfridges with all proceeds going to charity, the likes of Peter Pilotto, J.W. Anderson, Agi & Sam, Nashir Mazha, Chirstopher Raeburn and others have produced twenty special designs.

What can we say? This way you get to be a nice person, finally own something by a designer that your lady friend will be impressed by and get Star Wars. What are you waiting for?


Peter Pilotto graphic-print cotton-jersey t-shirt

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