Stephanie Ng Design – Luna Lana lighting collection

Stephanie Ng made her first forays into design in Melbourne. But, still in her thirties, these days her Stephanie Ng Studio is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur where her impressive output of furniture, lighting and interiors sees her set to become one of the self-made success stories of new Pacific Rim design.

She first gained some attention for her Modular Halo light. Well, it it’s more “lighting” than a “light”; a deceptively simple modular design for a pendant lamp that enables you to arrange the individual elements together according to your individual needs, depending how much light you need, where you need it and in what configuration.

Her more recent Luna Lana range is equally adaptable. Knitted in 100% merino wool, it’s right on the money for the current craze for knitting among the trendy set. Quite literally lighting’s equivalent of a tea cosy, these highly adaptable lighting solutions can be wound together in strands and pretty much hung from anything that has the ability to support the weight of electrical flex and a light bulb. What’s more, the colour options are boundless.

Contrary to what you might expect, the way in which the wool has been treated has far more to do with making it waterproof than fire resistant. One of the unique properties of wool is that it self-extinguishes when exposed to flames, apparently one of the reasons that fire fighters wear wool-based uniforms.

Her most recent triumph, however, is in the realm of full-blown furniture. Her Mick’s Deck Chair not only won the most prestigious Malaysian award for furniture design in 2015, but it once again sees her producing a design that does more than it says in a name.

With a sleek elegant lines reminiscent of mid-century modern in natural wood, the trick to Mick’s Deck Chair is ingeniously simple. The seat and back support are held secure by simple metal rods meaning that this chair can change identity like Superman in the guise of a chair. Deploy the simple canvas when the weather’s good and you really do want to use Mick’s chair on the deck. But, dress it up with the black leather option when you want to return it to your slick living room. This really is two for the price of one.


Stephanie Ng Design – Mick’s Deck Chair



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