Bark Sac capsule collection

Bark is an Italian label that relishes in its name, which is derived from the English verb rather than the noun. If you’ve got something to say about yourself, according to Bark, you might as well shout about it. Well, that’s the cool branding concept, but actually it’s all pretty understated, in a good way.

According to Bark, fashion should be about communication and individuality rather than diktats, which is kind of ironic really, given that they clearly aren’t familiar with the English idiom of “barking orders”. Still, it’s probably just one of those situations of someone thinking that Google Translate really can get you to the heart of a language’s nuances and running with the ball. But, we digress.

More hipster than haute couture, this outfit based on the outskirts of Modena – but with the inevitable flagship store in Milan- has been around for a while now with its offer of fashion for the entire hipster family extending into the realms of accessories and lifestyle.

Its a singular and clever combination of the production values of Italy’s famed luxury fashion with a casual, down-to-earth sensibility likely to appeal to slackers of all generations. At times it veers towards the arts and crafts end of the spectrum, again, not necessarily because that’s at the heart of the brand, but because it makes current commercial sense: hippies are kinda hip. But, on the whole, Bark is extremely good at walking a line that remains elegant without being seduced by glamour; confident enough in its own style to not fear being candid or straightforward.

So, if you’re one of those thousands of women out there who live demanding professional lives, don’t mind a dab of style, but are basically too busy getting on with hectic and serious things to conform to some kind of female drag queen “power wardrobe” when on the move, the Bark Sac capsule collection might be worth a look.

Made to the highest standards, their bags come in a wide variety of shapes and fabrics well suited to the traumas of contemporary urban life. The more smacks the leather, canvas, denim or knits get as you rush into court to defend some last-minute case, deliver yet another baby or slap down your mobile office at a meeting where you’re trying to figure out whether the client is for real or all smoke and mirrors, the more beautiful the patina of age it acquires.

Neo-folk techies, left-of-centre humanitarians and secret fans of home craft – with an eye for style and value without being stingy- will all love it. And, of course, you can make it a gender bonding issue: do you really think a high-end, slacker brand like Bark wouldn’t be unisex?


Bark Sac capsule collection

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