Massimo Giorgetti made big waves about five years ago when Italian Vogue designated him an official newcomer with a future. He set up his MSGM label in 2008; not exactly the most auspicious time at which to launch a high-end fashion brand. What’s more, he wasn’t one of those precocious design talents that burst out of some lauded fashion school with an eager fashion machine ready to match fawning press to a backer with a good eye for future profit.

No, Massimo came, somewhat unusually for a designer heading up a Milanese brand, from a fashion sales background. But, perhaps that’s actually the secret to it MSGM’s success. Sure, he’d notched up a track record as creative director on various capsule collections, but who would have expected the fashion world to be ready for an effective autodidact? Yet, it makes complete sense. Who else but someone who had worked in sales and run a successful showroom better understands what women really want from luxury fashion? Surely who orders how much of what for where and the particular regional idiosyncrasies of what sells and what doesn’t must be invaluable intel for any designer trying to succeed in the famously bank-or-bust world of high-end fashion with its high operating costs.

But, some eight years down the line, MSGM looks like it’s doing well. And, frankly, it would be a little dismissive of Massimo’s talent to assume it was all down to his business nous.

His SS16 Women’s Resort collection is positively heaving with all those perfect plug ‘n play garments that have their uses long after the holiday is over. There’s a natty little strand of mini dresses and separates that show that famous Italian finesse for textiles, whether it’s all a play on net and knit, or the bold abstraction reminiscent of art works by Hans Arp. Shirt dresses, suede textures, wide-bottomed culottes and wide, moochy trousers that are all incoming looks offer ample mix ‘n match opportunities for what comes out of the suitcase when you get home; whether you want to play it casual or dress up for a smarter look. And, there’s also a bold line in dresses and separates that hinge on the interplay of contrast fabrics and lengths that are comfortable and noteworthy.

Yep, when looking for that easy-going holiday wardrobe that gives back more value than most, MSGM is somewhere well worth making your first port of call.

MSGM – SS16 Women’s Resort Collection

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