Grab ‘n Go – the best travel essentials

Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush

What is it with electric toothbrush designers? Do these people never travel?
If you’re one of the multitude who simply can’t bear to be parted from your sonic toothbrush and like to travel, then you know just how thwarting their design can be to travelling light: big clunky shapes that take up a lot of room in your washbag and, if you’re going for an extended period, then the even clunkier charger has to come too.

So, hurrah for Violife and their Slim Sonic Toothbrush, the world’s first pocket-sized sonic toothbrush that operates on a single AAA battery, finally freeing you from the tyranny of standard toothbrush chargers.

Only slightly larger than a tube of mascara, the Slim Sonic takes up no room at all but still gives you all the benefits of that extra-clean dental freshness that sonic brush technology provides, even while on the go. And, it’s surprisingly good value for money compared with its more home-loving counterparts. And, just like its chunkier friends, the toothbrush heads are fully replaceable.

Coming in a range of colours and patterns from the plain and practical to the positively garish, there’s also enough choice to satisfy all tastes.



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