Bollé Vous


Maybe you’re planning a trip to the slopes before all hope of going out on the piste entirely melts for another year. If you’re torn between the default setting of a ski-bunny, concerned only with the look, and the serious skier, where everything revolves around performance, you need not be conflicted. Because, with Bollé you can have both at the same time.

Bollé is a French brand that has been going since the 1880’s. During its illustrious history, one of its contributions to the canon of fashion was the ‘cat’s eye’ sunglasses that became the definitive look of the 1950’s.

In 1960, the optics company made its first real foray into ski gear, bringing a new touch of fashionable luxury, ripe for the contemporaneous ‘jet set’ that adopted the sport. Ever since then, Bollé has stood for ski chic and a certain discretion amongst those with exacting standards. With its background in optics, the quality of its goggle lenses are second to none and designs such as its Mojo ski goggles have become something of a classic amongst experienced skiers, celebrities and medal winners.

With a particular retro aesthetic seeming to be what this season’s slopes are all about, you could opt for the Nova II, a twenty-year-old style that’s been revived. But, if the bright patterned finishes of the Nova II frames are just a little too outré ( Do you really want to be reminded that you thought that Alpine après-ski trance party was really cool at the time?), then go for the real retro feel of Bollé’s Carve line.

Sure, it’s got more technology than an aircraft carrier, but better still they’re like something straight out of a Roger Vadim cult sci-fi classic or an early Bond movie.



It’s back – Bollé’s Nova II

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