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Aiaiai -Capital Portable Headphones

For those of us who need music on the move, a sound set of headphones is an essential part of both travel and daily kit. But, so many choices.

There’s always that curve ball that nobody expects. In the portable headphones stakes, it’s Aiaiai. Quite aside from the ridiculous name, this Danish newcomer is practically a toddler compared with many other audio manufacturers.

When its admittedly stylish products debuted – the company itself foregrounds its commitment to universally lauded Danish design– there were many who thought this was a case of being more pleasing to the eyes than the ears. And yet, just a decade or so on, Aiaiai has serious sound geeks raving about the quality of the sound from their phones.

Although not yet peddling noise cancellation as their reason for existing – which accounts for a lot of their kit being more affordable and not requiring batteries or recharging- most of the knowledgeable reviewers rate Aiaiai headphones and their performance across vastly varying musical genres.

A staunch favourite is the Captial range. Folding smartly and constructed from an extremely robust polymer of nylon reinforced with fibreglass, its titanium drivers are suitably protected from wear and tear. It comes with that useful inline control. For those who find the basic black a little hard-core industrial, it’s also available in a range of muted colours that give its sober elegance a slightly softer edge. Definitely on the money for sound quality and a dash of swagger in transit.

If, however, you want to upgrade on the sound and design snobbery stakes, it’s worth taking a look at their TMA-2 range that’s big on bass. It’s available in special edition models pre-configured by DJ geniuses. Or, if you have confidence in your ability to design the perfect sound, then you can even put together your preferred spec and have them dispatched to you with your bespoke audio settings.


Aiaiai’s TMA-2 BNR special addition

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