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Knomo’s James Tote Back Pack

London – or any large city for that matter – is somewhere you need a bag. Heading straight out from work to socialise but still needing to lug all your stuff and tech with you? let’s face it, pockets just aren’t big enough for 21st-century urban living. But when you just can’t find a bag to meet your needs, to look good and keep all your gadgetry spick and span, what do you do? Well, you start a company that meets them. At least that’s what the two friends who founded Knomo back in 2004 did.

Ever since then the cult British brand has been producing practical and sturdy bags able to stand up to the wear and tear of a typical London workday that don’t compromise your sartorial swagger. Which is probably why they now have offices in four countries and literally hundreds of stockists worldwide.
Knomo’s offer includes bags for both men and women, luggage and a variety of models specifically designed to house technology such as laptops or items from the Apple stable. And, in fact, it’s the tech-savvy aspect to all their bags that is their signature. It’s perfect for men who want something practical for taking care of all their lovely shiny digital toys without looking like the cliché IT geek on the way to work.
With a number of collections, models range from urban cool based on classic courier bags to ultra-slick tote bags in leather that also have backpack straps. And there’s generally enough options in both materials and colours to suit any personal taste.
Each Knomo bags is fitted with a unique identity number that owners can register online. In the event that the bag is mislaid and someone finding it obligingly calls the phone number inside the bag, all might not be lost. By providing this service, Knomo hopes that owners might be reunited with their bags without compromising security and with the minimum of inconvenience to those decent enough to return the item of lost property.
I wouldn’t hold my breathe though: if I found your bag on the bus, I’d happily return its contents in a cardboard box, but I couldn’t promise that you would get the bag itself back.


Knomo’s Par Slim Canvas Briefcase



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