Sansovino6 offers collections for both men and women. But, under the title of ‘Casual Sensuality’, the incoming SS16 women’s collection continues some of the ideas already explored; a weird and wonderful mix of denim and modernist sensibilities played out in swirling forms, dramatic draping and devil-may-care frayed edges.
Traditional shapes are exaggerated into swirling forms or luxurious gestures of opulence. Detailing in fabrics – knitwear or bleached denim- give the garments a connection to tradition, but there is also a strong sense of practicality and even notions of the traditional that come through in the patterns of knitwear or the roomy hang of drapery.
The womenswear collection takes its sources in a subtle direction leaving a lasting impression that primarily evokes classic Italian styling. In a palette that places practical denim at the centre of it all, women are invited to cut a dashing figure with luxurious knitwear that stands out. They offer an elegant, swanky figure to the world with soft clinging knits that highlight a good figure (or, indeed, cleverly cut pieces that disguise the lack of it). Blues, black, white and the occasional shot of yellow or pink provide interesting counterpoints to the overall restrained palette.
Drapage remains one of Sansovino6’s signature touches. In the new SS16 collection, loose-knit bodices offer the practical benefit of comfort but also a bold silhouette for the world to admire. A similar idea – but with a very different execution – is also present: denim and pure white as a contrast argument that divides the body into discernible zones. By contrast, more feminine layers of pink, yellow, black and white -liquorice all-sorts, fundamentally- offer a silhouette that is quintessentially Mediterranean,Italian and feminine.
Sansovino6’s collections are stocked in top boutiques across Europe where those who have been smart enough to learn of its discreet charm can pick out the perfect conversation pieces or durable separates for the coming summer months.



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