Soulland is a cult Danish label that started out producing attractive t-shirt designs that stood out in a crowd. But today, the particular talent of Soulland is merging a relaxed, sometimes cocky (for example their SS16 range of MILF Hunter logoed garments) streetwear sensibility with traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Nowhere is this more evident than the Adler Fedora; a traditional fedora fused with a baseball cap, even giving it something of a jaunty US Cavalry cap. The hat itself is handmade to Soulland’s design by Stig Andersen of Andersen & Berner, one of Copenhagen’s most august traditional hat makers.

T-shirts, chinos and shirts, of course, continue to form the mainstay of Soulland’s collection, but often incorporating elements or details based in traditional tailoring. For example, the collections include the long-sleeved Shaverdi shirts that combine typical Scandinavian fabrics and traditional shirt-making with a multicultural flair of a kurta, that ubiquitous item in the male wardrobe from Eurasia to Indonesia.

Or, our favourite from the new collection, the Stitch Shirt, a riotous patchwork of clashing plaids as a comfortable long-sleeve shirt.

Soulland is also a brand with a conscience as the earlier collaboration with photographer Jacob Holdt shows. Holdt rose to prominence in the late 1970’s with his mammoth work ‘American Pictures’, in part because his stunning photo documentary images revealed a few unwelcome truths about the underclass in the USA. Soulland collaborated with Holdt to print a small selection of his relevant images from 1977 – never before printed on t-shirts- in support of an AIDS foundation.

Soulland remains essentially a small company. Nonetheless it’s attracted the attention of an international audience for its particular brand of relaxed quirkiness. Hence, it is stocked in a range of hip boutiques internationally.



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