Jamie is something of a cult amongst the cognoscenti, influential fashion editors, contemporary jewellery aficionados and those who generally have a talent for understanding how an interesting piece of jewellery can bring exactly the right detail to an outfit.

The London-based brand is the brainchild of Jamie Rubin, born in New York and trained in Arizona, who was eventually more or less forced into launching her first collection in 2004 more as a means of trying to manage the deluge of demand for private pieces than anything else. Since then, however, things have decidedly taken off.

Now generally designing two seasonal collections a year as well as building on the success of existing thematic collections, Jamie’s style is a soft feminine one that appeals to many women. Combining traditional jewellery metals with semiprecious stones and leather or crystal, on the whole the pieces in Jamie’s collections are compositions of varied, free-moving elements rather than big solid chunks of jewellery. A little nostalgic, rather romantic with a twist of ethnic influences that date back to Jamie Rubin’s youthful travels that played an important role in the seminal development of her particular style, Jamie jewellery is quietly spoken rather than shouting, understated even if demonstrative. Like a controlled explosion, the over the top aspects of the aesthetic are beautifully contained. In short, Jamie is for women who like to wear their jewellery rather than be worn by it.

All of this may explain exactly why it is such a success and why Jamie’s designs have often won gushing praise from quarters usually feared for their ability to issue scathing criticism. Vogue issued a prediction that Jamie’s pieces are destined to become the collector’s items of the future. And diverse celebrities such as Elle Mcpherson, Sienna Miller and Kylie Minogue have all been spotted sporting pieces by Jamie.

The current collections are likely to prove even more popular if the predicted hippie revival in fashion proves accurate. Certainly, it’s easy to see exactly how the popular range of charm bracelets featuring an ensemble of charms and stones on braided leather ropes will map perfectly onto the folksy flower child looks that fashion editors promise us are imminent. And these are hardly the only items in the collections that will work for the new loved-up look. There are the necklaces and earrings of agates in piquant colours with a play between finished and unfinished surfaces. There is also a collection of dramatic cuffs and collar necklaces that use metal filigrees inspired by vintage lace, the perfect accompaniment to the billowing white smock tops and dresses expected next season. Frankly, if one of your collections is called ‘Karma’ – a collection of necklaces and bracelets featuring a mix of studded leather and bijou little charms- how could you fail to attract attention when the fashion barometer swings to hippie chic?



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