Longchamp is a sought-after heritage brand. But sometimes, heritage is not necessarily the heritage you might expect. With its horseracing emblem and being particularly known for various leather bag styles historically associated with the sport of kings, you should be forgiven for assuming that the iconic Parisian brand has its roots in traditional equestrian crafts. But, the true history is actually a lot more interesting.

Longchamp was, in fact, the brainchild of a Parisian tobacconist’s son Jean Cassegrain. In 1948, in what is probably one of the most interesting case studies of business diversification, Monsieur Cassegrain decided to focus less on the traditional tobacconist’s trade and more on the accessories that went with it. The company that we now all know for its high-quality leather goods was born out of Cassegrain’s foray into creating beautifully handcrafted smoking accessories using top-class leather manufacturing techniques as its primary signature. Soon the business was far better known for its leather-bound cigarette cases and its unusual pipes clad in quilted leather as Paris scrambled to get its hands on Cassegrain’s designs.

The signature equestrian logo, created by illustrator Turenne Chevallereau, was part of Cassegrain’s endeavour from the outset. It was actually a matter of practicality: one of his relative’s use of the family name as a commercial trademark prevented him from using it. The Longchamp logo is effectively a visual pun, a play on Cassegrain’s surname and its association with one of the last remaining Parisian mills that stood at the end of the Longchamp racecourse. Coincidence turned out to be fortuitous given the natural associations between horseracing and high-end leather craft, the direction in which the family business had turned.

Some sixty years later, this quintessentially Parisian brand remains chic and in demand for its fashionable leather goods. And when you consider its various collections, it’s easy to see why. Most of the bag ranges are loosely based on styles of equestrian bags, such as the tote bag, but often reinvented according to fashion trends. They offer women who know their own minds a high-level of customisation. Each range allows the customer to choose the size of bag that suits her, the style of handles, the colours and materials. With the Le Pliage range, the choices become even more extensive, offering a choice of finishes for the famous Longchmap logo and a range of monogram options.

These innovative mix ‘n match ranges offer the perfect solution for busy people who have a special woman to treat. You can order a Le Pliage bag online in a matter of minutes and in only a few weeks, the lucky recipient will end up with a fabulous bag that suits her perfectly.



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