Grab ‘n Go – Catherine Aitken


Grab ‘n Go – the best travel essentials.

Catherine Aitken – Harris Tweed Toiletry Bag

Nothing denotes timeless sartorial elegance like Harris Tweed. Unquestioningly acceptable in even the most conservative circles and persistently hip – we all know that Vivienne Westwood’s love of Harris Tweed gave her that distinctive logo – put a bit of pizzazz in your generic business hotel bathroom with this baby.

Catherine Aitken made the unlikely transition from film and television producer to designing her own stylish range of bags and fashion accessories in the heritage materials of her native Scotland.

This mid-sized toiletry bag is big enough to manage the needs of fair-to-middling narcissists and hypochondriacs without completely monopolising your luggage. The waxed cotton lining has been treated to be stain and water-resistant, keeping that lovely tweed bright and perky. But, one of the real benefits of this bag is that it is washable when the inevitable toll of travel scrapes leaves its sticky mark. If you want to go the whole hog on Balmoral bling, pair it with her matching shoe travel bags.



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