Designer Baby

CuldeSac is a vaunted Spanish design studio that designs everything from furniture to interiors for hip and trendy destinations.

One of their most recent creations is a baby chair for Micuna, a company that specialises in high quality furniture and products for children and clearly believes that no one is too young to start appreciating good design.


The Ovo High Chair sees the Valencia-based design studio revisiting certain sound concepts that have already been explored by other designers. For example, the removable leg sections – which allow the child to join the family table in time- are not something that CuldeSac claim to have invented. Instead they have reinterpreted the concept that had already been explored by other designers: Maartje Steenkamp produced a highchair for Droog where the parents were meant to saw off the legs as the child grew. Whether the two different approaches says anything about the difference between Dutch and Spanish sensibilities – about either the particular sense of humour or, indeed, cultural family planning expectations- is up for debate. What is not is that obviously CuldeSac’s design is more practical for those who plan to notch up a veritable brood.

Coming with a range of accessories and an organic curvaceous aesthetic that can readily assimilate traditionally clumsy baby furniture into the most stylish of interiors, it’s probably also a great relief to design aficionado parents who might be rightly concerned that the commitment to start a family usually comes with a number of design downsides. Thanks to Ovo, however, baby doesn’t need to be relegated to some backstage area of the home. Only the most pedantic of design snobs would fail to see that the whole look and feel of the chair would hardly make it stand out next to the Eames.

Despite its handsome looks, the Ovo is nonetheless fully functional with usefully wipe-clean surfaces that are essential when dealing with the other detritus left by a nipper struggling to get to grips with the concept of cutlery.



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