Even the name of the Japanese brand Hobo suggests life on the open road. So it should. Known for its simple and practical designs with a penchant for durable traditional materials – such as canvas or brass- it’s one of those brands that has gained an increasing following amongst those who favour a laidback lightweight approach to style; ready to take off on a road trip or for a leisurely picnic at any time.

Though it has been primarily their simple but jaunty bags, hats, shoes and personal accessories that has gained editorial and increasing retail distribution, the company also produces a range of less obvious lifestyle products that don’t fit as easily into a single category. These range from nifty patchwork camping chairs to old fashioned picnic blankets that roll into a neat leather carrying strap. It’s certainly not hard to see why Hobo could easily become the brand du jour for the stylish backpacker or festival goer whose needs include taking on the great outdoors.

But, for those whose lives also involve actually needing to know what the time is rather than simply whiling it away in some idyllic nature spot, Hobo has also produced a range of handsome men’s watches. Using the natural materials such as leather and canvas for which Hobo has a particular flair, these additions to the ‘Backyard Life’ ethos that epitomizes the brand retain the carefree feeling of the rest of the collection’s products whilst simultaneously performing the pragmatic function of a timepiece. And, with their rather weathered appearance, they’re also pretty practical for those who are eager to take on cutting firewood or putting up tents.

Available in a range of models in muted natural colours, each offers a practical and rather traditional analogue face attached to chunky strap design that combines the strength of leather with the flexibility of canvas.




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