On the Down Loewe

Spanish brand luxury brand Loewe’s new London flagship store in fashionable Mount Street has been designed by sought-after retail architect Peter Marino.


Marino is a familiar face on the international fashion scene as much for his larger-than-life persona as for his sleek high-end interior architecture that has made him a perennial favourite with top luxury brands.

The London Store located in an ornate nineteenth century redbrick building is yet another addition to Peter Marino’s list of credits that includes numerous Chanel, Dior and Vuitton shops, not to mention Loewe’s own Valencia store. The palette of rich dark woods, smoky neutrals and luxurious shiny floors is not unrelated to the Valencia store where the earthy palette accentuates the brand’s Spanish sensibility. But, in Mount Street, the colour scheme is somewhat darker, providing a more appropriate transition through the highly decorative facade. Rather than mimic the decorative detailing visible on the street, Marino has applied his characteristic restraint, keeping the overall forms of fittings and furniture angular and boxy. This also provides the perfect backdrop against which to offset Loewe’s more colourful products as was fully evident at the time of its recent opening. The sumptuous shocking pink leather of a number of the current collection’s pieces stood out beautifully against the dark wood surroundings.

Certainly anyone who was lucky enough to attend the chic launch seemed more than impressed by what they encountered at the unveiling. Amongst those who seemed very pleased with the new London shop was the brand’s creative director Stuart Vevers who was particularly taken with its luxurious character and intimate scale, seeing it as something of a ‘jewel-box store’.

Both the location and the styling are entirely in keeping with Loewe’s identity. Its fine luxury leather goods have been much sought after by the Spanish aristocracy and bourgeoisie pretty much since its founding in 1846. For those who have thought that Loewe doesn’t sound like a particularly Spanish name, you’re right: it was actually started by a German who settled in Madrid.

Over the years, the Spanish trunk maker has evolved and diversified, producing desirable men’s and women’s collections of accessories and fashion. However, with their strong heritage for producing the finest quality bags and cases, it’s inevitable that Loewe will become another one of those very special destination stores in Mayfair.



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