The debate about analogue versus digital display is a complex one. It’s an indefatigable topic of conversation that can unite any disparate group of strangers in barroom intercourse for hours. Influenced by fashion and heavily shaped by personal values, aesthetic preferences, lifestyle practicalities and even personal history, it’s a serious matter. Deciding whether a watch should tell the time in the traditional manner or by means of digital display that first soared to the height of popularity in the 1970’s is a decision that is rarely taken lightly and anyone entering into the fray invariably has a strong opinion.

So, for those who have emphatically decided that the only way to go is with a watch with hands, perhaps the discussion is far from over when confronted with Gucci’s I-Gucci range.

Featuring an oversized face that offers a dual digital display – so suited to those who simply have to know the time in two cities at once- the precision Swiss manufacturing brings the traditional Gucci feel up-to-date in a world that embraces technology and doesn’t unthinkingly confuse tradition with style. The rubber strap featuring the double-G Gucci motif is hugely practical, as is the fact that it’s water-resistant to 300m and the sleek sapphire face literally offering a crystal clear transparency.


The range offers a slightly smaller version with a 40mm diameter face, though most models feature the elegantly chunky 44mm diameter face. Colour combinations range from the more restrained plain dark models in combinations of stainless steel and black or navy blue straps to the more decorative. Sporty white and funky black models also feature the signature Gucci red and racing green flash embedded in the strap. But, undeniably, the pièce de résistance in the range is the stunning dark brown model with copper-coloured face surround and digital display in deep red numerals. It is at once a fabulous conflation of the Gucci heritage and history -including that particular moment in the 1970’s when the brand first became the international must-have- with contemporary technology and lifestyle demands.

Anyone who doesn’t get it and does not understand its stylishness simply because it doesn’t have hands is a lot less sophisticated than he or she might think.


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