Hippy Dippy

Nothing causes many women more anxiety than the thought of choosing swimwear.


The harsh reality is that very few women feel that comfortable about exposing the greater half of their body surface in public places. Although it might be something that those with perfect bodies or those who grew up on the beach approach with less horror, the annual pilgrimage to summer beach resorts can leave many women wrestling with difficult decisions about exactly what they should wear when taking the plunge.

With many fashion forecasters predicting the emergence of an all-round hippie chic over the summer and into the autumn, one option could be to select something from the extensive swimwear range offered by American jeans brand True Religion.

Their SS11 collection that was sent down the catwalk last year was based on the worn shabby chic aesthetic of jeans and the hippie heritage that is soon to be wheeled out of storage once again. Furthermore, the large collection offers a broad range of shapes and styles designed specifically for a mismatching mix ‘n match approach that leaves a lot of room for women to find something that works well with their individual body shapes and personal comfort levels at exposing themselves to the sun’s glaring rays and the equally searing gaze of others.

Although the emphasis is on two-piece swimsuits – don’t worry, there are also a number of one-piece options for those with a phobia about exposing their midriffs- one of the more forgiving aspects of the current SS11 collection is that the styles of both tops and bottoms to the two-piece suits are rich and varied. They range from the skimpiest of bikinis to combinations that reinvent the swimsuit as a kind of early 1970’s hot pants and halter neck combo. This is indeed good news for any woman who is eager to bring a little modesty to the upper thigh region or who needs a little extra chest support when bounding into the surf.

And, for those who really want to appear fashionable but really aren’t that comfortable with baring a lot of flesh, why not take a lesson from the collection’s styling and combine a swimsuit with a faded and frayed cut-off denim biker jacket or a long tasselled or crocheted waistcoat for that true hippy flair and some convenient cover up.



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