Ginger Touch

Like a svelte phoenix rising from the ashes of burnt bras, lingerie of the sexy variety really has been one of the spectacular comebacks of the last few decades.


Basically ever since Post-Feminism lifted the damper placed on come-hither undergarments by the quandaries by Feminism, women of all sexual persuasions have been flocking in the direction of naughty knickers.

Whether playing the sultry siren for an admiring male or indeed showing that there’s many a Sapphic who loves a good pole dancer, one could say that the revival of underwear meant to be more than simply practical has seen women go through a second process of sexual liberation that is equal to the first. Having firmly established that women are intellectually and educationally any man’s equal,  many women were more than happy to acknowledge that when the timing is right, occasionally a lady really should be a tramp.


The ongoing success of companies like Fred & Ginger that produce high-quality lingerie with a strong tradition of the tempting demimondaine stand as proof to the fact that many women –despite being entirely confident with sexual equality- really do like sexy pretty things; for themselves and their partners.

Now Fred & Ginger unveil their Moulin Rouge range for Spring Summer 2011, a glittering collection that includes shimmering Swarovksi crystals in strategic places and in colour combinations that hark back to the courtesans and original Can-Can girls of Paris’ nineteenth century frenzy of hedonism via a smidgen of Helmut Newton disco-era decadence. It’s an exercise in sensuous and luxurious fabrics such as silk chiffon and Chantilly lace that feel good against the skin.

In an imperial palette of black, white and red, it’s all understated little tassels, sexy ribbons just waiting to come undone and clever little games with what is covered and what is deliciously revealed. Comprising a range of shapes from the undeniably revealing to the baby doll negligees better suited to those of a more coy temperament, the Moulin Rouge collection is a great testament to the idea that there is a lot more fun to be had before one is actually naked and that every woman deserves to have playful fun with her most intimate wardrobe.


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