Double Time


Vivienne Westwood has recently added a small line of watches to the brand’s very popular jewellery offer. Unlike a fair proportion of the other jewellery products, the designs have a straightforwardness and unisex appeal that makes them both practical and adaptable to all social situations.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be Westwood if it didn’t have that certain something in the detailing. But in the case of the watches the emphasis has been on fairly classical overall shapes and materials. The more intricate decorative detailing or rebellious punk promises are confined to the face itself where the signature Westwood orb motif features large or the backs of the watches where Westwood iconography is also engraved. Perhaps the only exception to the overriding classicism is the Double Face model that is effectively two fused watches, one featuring the pirate skull and cross bones, the other a little red heart. The face is mounted on an elegantly split leather strap that fastens with two little silver buckles.

The two other models with leather straps have a more tough edge to them. Their simple stainless steel faces are mounted on simple leather straps with one model featuring a more freeform interpretation of the signature orb and the other a cocky skull and cross bones and a background emblazoned with the partly elided punk motto ‘too fast to live, to young to die’.

The range also features two models with elegant stainless steel link straps. The Westwood Peach Orb Watch, rather confusingly features a soft pink face in which the simple lines of the face and link strap are given a definite flair by the large orb motif embedded into the face. And the Westwood World Watch features a neo-classical two-tone colour scheme of gold and silver mounted on a fine lattice bracelet. Vaguely nautical in feeling, the face features an outline of the globe at the centre of which sits a cute little golden orb.



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