With a new version of ‘Spartacus’ hitting television screens and the aura of ‘Gladiator’ still fresh in the memory, it seems that a taste for the classical and epic still remains with us. If the ongoing gladiatorial saga playing out in various womenswear collections gives something to the girls, then it’s only reasonable that the boys might want a bit of the action too.

Now that summer’s threatening to be upon us, it’s just as well: fashion can provide the convenient excuse for stripping away as much unnecessary clothing as possible. In the case of feet, it’s never really a good idea to go wading in without forethought. One might be tempted to feel the spring blades of grass between one’s toes or the fresh summer breeze wafting around one’s ankles, but not all men seem that comfortable when allowing their plates of meat to go au naturel.

Sandals, for example, are options that all too frequently tread a path to embarrassment; where a single fashion mistake can stand out like a sore thumb. Rather than look cool, breezy and relaxed it’s all too easy to end up looking like some out-of-place uncle tagging along on someone else’s holiday.

So, with all those caveats in mind, the men who are fortunate enough to confidently bare there soles – hopefully without carbuncles and hobbit hairiness- will pleased to know that this season Lanvin promises them both a bit of gladiatorial cool and body temperature cool at the same time.

Nubuck may not be a material of the ancient world, but it’s probably a lot more durable and comfortable than the original. Updated footwear technology, however, does nothing to impair Lanvin’s entirely classical feel to their Spartan sandal. The ribbon-like straps work on the most traditional principle, nonetheless securing it to the foot and thereby mercifully avoiding that weird tourist gait so often imposed by strapless slip-ons. Surely the contemporary wearer will be entirely more comfortable traipsing over a beach or slouching around the pool at Caesar’s Palace rather than slipping blood in the auditorium.

Ave, Lanvin, morituri de site te salutant!



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