Good Time Girl


Michele – CSX Carousel Colored Stones Fandango Pink Patent

Girls who aren’t fortunate enough to hole up in Florida for the winter can at least put a little piece of Miami on their wrists Michele’s CSX Carousel range.

Strongly associated with the Art Deco heritage of America’s 1930’s Riviera, the brand’s CSX Carousel range takes its inspiration from the colourful Deco of Miami and shakes it up with vibrant Latin colours to offer something that is at once very grown up and yet playfully feminine. The bright numerals in a rainbow of colours are accentuated by the sprinkling of coloured stones around the rim that are a surefire and subtle way to get rid of the winter blues. Those who wish to make a bold statement might want to select the shocking pink patent leather strap, the more discreet, perhaps the option in white alligator.

The CSX Carousel range is a great option for a watch that readily looks good during the day whilst out and about the city but is sufficiently glittery for dressy evening occasions. But for those who are much more about making a bold statement, it’s easy to see why Michele’s dress watches have become such a sought after option. Bold, beautiful but never really bling, there are options such as the stunning Butterfly range. A bit like the more glamourous sister of the CSX Carousel, this range places the precision Swiss movement into faces of white enamel or mother of pearl and incorporates over one hundred diamonds and multi-coloured sapphires. Luxurious, certainly, but never ostentatious, the classic Art Deco rectangular face and elegant silver alligator strap ensure that this breezy feminine design is never conspicuous consumption.


Michele – Deco Moderne II Diamond Gold Bracelet & Deco Noir Diamond Black Alligator.

Or, for those with a more vampish streak, there is the wonderful Deco Noir range that features a plain black face enlivened with 108 black diamonds. The bold streamlined lines of Deco remain a persistent favourite with happy customers so it’s not like anyone has too limited a choice with Michele’s extensive Deco line. For women who prefer their timepieces in gold, for example, there is the beautiful model from the Deco Moderne II range that features an elegant mother of pearl face surrounded by eighty hand-set diamonds. It is available with either the elegant gold bracelet strap or the more understated option in white alligator.


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