Christmas Tree Hotel


Let’s face it: the winter wonderland can be competitive. In a world in which you are only as good as your last ski lodge, it’s undoubtedly wise to head away from the beaten track and the traditional resorts if you want to return home with a trump skiing trip story.

In a world plagued by increasing Globalism, what could be better than returning home with a tale of cross-country powder and world-class downhill thrills in rural Sweden? What’s more, it will be an even more impressive tale of prowess if your resting hours were spent in one of the world’s most luxurious eco-friendly hotels: Treehotel.

The product of a range of established designers and architects, Treehotel is hardly the stuff of mundane group trips. For a start, there are only six rooms….and a sauna nestling between the branches.

Inspired by Jonas Selberg Augustsen’s cult film ‘Trädälskaren’ (‘Treelover’) in which grown men return to the nature of their youth by constructing a tree house, Treehotel has literally put the ethos of the film into practice in Sweden’s northern wilderness at Harads, a region famed for its gentle rural culture and Sami people. With activities of a distinctly wild nature, Treehotel might be best described as being in an area that epitomises the notion of eco-friendly ‘agritourism’. During the summer and autumn months, the less adventurous can plod through miles of unspoiled countryside looking at a vast array of local agricultural herds and those more inclined towards bracing sports can take off down the Lule River in kayaks or tear over the terrain on mountain bikes. And, when the white blanket of snow engulfs the landscape in the winter months, the former can pass the hours spotting local wildlife from the comfort of their supremely exclusive rooms or relaxing in the suspended sauna whilst the latter can click ski boots into skis and tear off across the challenging terrain.

Treehotel is one of those interesting projects that has drawn together a range of architects and designers to create a unique visitor experience. Each room is different and has its own particular flavour ranging from Bertil Harström’s wonderful UFO that hovers among the branches and is equipped to provide the ultimate family holiday through to Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård’s stunning Mirrorcube that hovers above the forest floor reflecting everything in all directions, the ultimate honeymoon suite. The Queen of England, one recalls, spent her interrupted honeymoon in Kenya’s precursor to this northern hemisphere manifestation.

Of course, the whole purpose of Treehotel is not merely to provide the ultimate holiday pictures for visitors. The underlying philosophy underpinning its construction and management is one intended to underscore the importance of the precarious nature of Europe’s remaining forest reserves; it’s indigenous lungs. But, if all this furnishes the ultimate holiday boasts, even better.



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