Hafsteinn Juliusson is an Icelandic product and interior designer based in Milan. In 2009 he established HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson, a company of collaborators based in Milan and Reykjavik. HAF’s output is naturally in the spirit of Juliusson’s own work; often concerned with ecology or social questions and not really geared towards mainstream production or mass-market consumer tastes.

Projects often raise pressing questions through humour. For example, one design for a lamp that requires that someone pedal the cycle attached to it to provide the energy to power the lamp. Offering lighting and fitness at the same time, the design nonetheless raises ecological questions about energy consumption in an amusing manner. At the even more surreal end of the company’s designs raising questions about our consumer society are Slim Chips. Elegantly packaged in clear potato chip style bags, Slim Chips are, in fact, made of edible paper and come in four flavours: mint, blueberry, cheddar or wasabi. Practically a satirical art work, these Slim Chips are actually meant to be eaten. The fact that they are nutritionless and fat-free ironically makes them the perfect snack food for a consumer society that also, paradoxically, wants to keep slim and trim.

The same ecological strand runs through the Growing Jewellery range. A combination of jewellery and miniature gardening, this range of rings and pendants is meant to bring those with fashionable urban lifestyles that little bit closer to nature. Crafted in sterling silver, each design features a suitable receptacle within which to germinate a little life-affirming flora.


HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson – Growing Jewellery

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