Zelia Horsley in a British jewellery designer who has been quietly building up a reputation for herself

with her collections that mix asymmetry and a certain penchant for working with chains in precious metals, often in varying colours. Her recent collections have seen her rediscovering and reconsidering the language of Art Deco jewellery with a contemporary twist. Now her newly unveiled SS11 collection for men sees her reinventing the language of bling.


Her Fancy Man collection of men’s jewellery dips its toe into the somewhat problematic waters of male adornment. Rather than skirting around the complex social judgments relating to male jewellery, Zelia has decided to wade straight in, paying homage to all those trinkets of machismo and drawing on rapper-style bling to producing witty and butch pieces likely to appeal to any man who feels the need to show off a nice piece of neck or wrist adornment.

With more bullets than a drive-by shooting and names that allude to Clint Eastwood shoot-em-up classics of the 1970’s, the Fancy Man collection puts the pimp back on style street. Of course, these beautifully made pieces pay all the same attention to detail for which Zelia Horsley’s women’s collections have become known and gained increasing recognition. Even before launching her own collection, whilst working in the studios of Kirt Holmes and Simon Harrison Ltd, she both created and produced pieces for Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur.

The collection consists of various bracelets and necklaces that rework classic male chain jewellery into designs with tongue-in-cheek aggressive charms and accents of black for which her work has become known. The occasional use of heavy hinge designs also links the collection with her women’s SS11 collection, Un-Hinged, where the hinge motif features strongly, together with her signature asymmetry and blockish designs reminiscent of Art Deco.

Those who don’t want to wait to find out more about this spanking new collection could take the opportunity to visit her pop-up boutique that will be based at Clerkenwell Green during London Fashion Week, shortly before she takes the collections off for presentation during Paris Fashion Week.


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