Booting Up



Ever since the Middle Ages, the practicality, warmth and weatherproof qualities of the boot has made it a perennial of the male wardrobe. Hudson may not have been with us quite as long as the boot itself – since 1990, in fact- but with winter crawling up on the northern hemisphere, the benefits of the their boots are self-explanatory, both in terms of practicality and fashion.

Hudson is a UK-based company that was founded in 1990, seeking to produce directional men’s’ footwear based in English sartorial traditions with a strong pop identity, hence the company’s decision to make musician and style icon Paul Weller one of the first faces associated with the brand. In 2004, the company also introduced its H by Hudson line, a younger and more affordable range that would also see the company shift in the direction of a more experimental approach to fashion, mixing innovative production techniques with a daring tangential approach to its forms based in traditional British men’s footwear. All of this seems to have worked quite well for the company that was this year named in the Sunday Times HSBC Track 100, the list of private owned British companies with the highest growing international sales over the last two years.

The boot is very much a fashion essential in the male wardrobe this winter.  Whether on the more restrained and tailored end of the spectrum or as one of the hot street looks being sported by the hip kids, the boot is obligatory. Jeans tucked in or suit trousers hiding its full height, it’s been more than a decade since the male boot was this popular as a fashion essential. One assumes that this is more good news Hudson, especially since their current range offers some of the most handsome men’s boots available for the discerning consumer.

Alongside the more traditional lace-up models of ankle boot with an almost Victorian silhouette, Hudson also offers a number of models that make use of its innovative productions techniques, giving the leather a patina and floppy, folded and loose exterior appearance whilst still fitting extremely well within. Similarly, certain models also include wrap-around straps with studs. Bringing a certain Robin Hood flair or even a bit of New Romantic nostalgia into play, these aspects of the range make it ideal for those who wish to make a statement through their footwear whilst smugly benefiting from those traditional water-resistant and warmth-giving qualities of the traditional boot. Hudson ensures that one doesn’t have to suffer for fashion this winter.



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