Bagged for Vuitton

Bagged for Vuitton

Christian Schoeler is a German painter whose work draws upon the highly aesthetic poses of nineteenth century painting and reinvents them for a contemporary generation in a dreamy pastel palette.

Schoeler has undertaken a second collaboration with Louis Vuitton menswear designer Paul Helbers to create a number of bags in which the surface becomes his canvas for a range of luxurious limited-edition bags. The current season offers the discerning customer the opportunity to acquire a work by Schoeler as realised on a nifty backpack or chic piece of hand luggage.

The signature leather finishes of Vuitton rise as accents from the overall surface of the bags that become something akin to close-ups of a Schoeler canvas. In this collection the detail of play between light and pigment are given favour over his more usual images of wistful young men.
Christian Schoeler is reperesented by Don’t Projects, Paris.


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