Mads Nørgaard was one of the first designers to put Danish fashion on the international agenda and his shop in Copenhagen remains an essential destination for any visitor to the city. Known for sleek practical clothes that favour comfort and strong lines over unnecessary decoration or distracting detail, his clothing is a prime example of that frequently cited Scandinavian love for strong simplicity. In 2009, he added to his usual menswear and womenswear collections with the introduction of a colourful children’s range.

As a self-confessed modernist with a history of producing his Random Poetry collection –a series of t-shirts using ‘curated’ poetic statements- it’s only fitting that he has teamed up with Norwegian artist Gardar Eide Einarsson to produce a special range of three t-shirts coinciding with Einarsson’s solo exhibition at Denmark’s prestigious Louisiana Art Museum.

The three designs by Einarsson use the same monochromatic minimalism that is a regular feature of the artist’s oeuvre. Gardar Eide Einarsson primarily lives and works in New York and his work often incorporates the thrusts of classic north European modernism with a personal fascination with things subcultural and the underground. Imagery, texts and iconography that we might readily associate with world of grungy clans, skateboarding countercultures or the world of comic books and fanzines reappear as Spartan minimalist realisations not immediately connected with the murky street mysticism to which they refer.

Gardar Eide Einarsson has shown internationally in top galleries and institutions including New York’s PS1, Kunsthall Bergen, Kunsthalle Bern and The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

The t-shirts are on sale exclusively at The Louisiana Modern Art Museum and in the Mads Nørgaard shop in Copenhagen. So they are a good bet in a globalised world where it has become almost impossible to find a stylish souvenir that can only be acquired by a visit in person.


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